Hey Daniels!

With the exciting new updates on the SHIFT Website, we added a new section that is entirely devoted to students to provide a more formal platform to share their work and inspiration


As our magazine publication dives into a particular topic, our online blog will be an open collage where all topics are welcomed. From this section, students will be able to share their school projects, process work, studio life, hobbies, current news that catches your attention, music playlists and many more! We want this platform to be an engaging online community within the Daniels Undergraduate Faculty and to inspire one another through the act of sharing and posting.

This online blog also allows students to share thoughts through any type of medium. They can simply post a written piece or post a video piece that your have done inside or outside of school. GIFs and other interactive elements are also available to post. Students are encouraged to post articles or other online that inspires them, so long as full credit is given to the original author of the work.

The best part about this blog is that students can upload any post at any time. We might occasionally set a due date for specific cool submissions so keep your eyes open for those dates!

We will be posting updates on what we are up to via this section as well!

Message us @ m.me/uoftshift if you are excited about this feature or if you have questions about this new platform!

More on how to create an account and how to post will be covered in the next post!!!