Untitled 1 & 2

Video work by Winnie Wu

Statement from the artist -

Untitled #1 & 2 is a series that looks into the connections between daily life and surrealist poetry. It is an ongoing series that observes the fragments arriving at people’s life and to contextualize them with still images and text. There is a sense of childishness and naiveness in the video works. It is about illustration of random thoughts and personification of everyday items that has little economic value.

Untitled#1 is intended to be absurd and ridiculous, and it is a illustration of a fictional story told from a perspective of a child. With a more dreamy and romantic approach, Untitled#2 is an illustration of a French poet written by Alain Bosquet. They both share the poetic atmosphere with similar rhythm and tone, conducted through editing and sound. 

From SHIFT15/16 Submission

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