By Danny Kim

A lot of the students of post-secondary institutions in GTA area are commuters. For University of Toronto, according to a research done in 2018, a quarter of our students commute 20km or more one way.

What lets them commute? The old and faithful TTC. Yes, it is crappy most of the times, but without their service, I, along with many others, wouldn’t even be able to get to school.

Consequently, everyone that commutes have an episode with the TTC at least once.

I wanted to let the audience relive their commuting memories and be a personal experience for each audience by having an interactive physical collage that stimulates your senses: sight, hearing, smell, and touch.

Using familiar typologies such as Brio, which is a popular childhood toy, with laser-cut tracks laid over 77 photographs of subway stations, the artwork is a fun and multidimensional experience, transcending the visual.


A Physical Collage

Danny Kim

JAV130: Visual Strategies

Instructor: Jay Pooley

From SHIFT19/20 Submissions