Some Journals Architecture Students Should Read

By Matthew Allen

Architecture is a slow process. It takes years for buildings to be built; it can take a decade for the intellectual culture to shift. So there's no need to obsessively refresh archinect for your news -- the slower pace of print journals is fast enough. You'll also get curated content, good writing, and thoughtful analysis.

Some places to start that you might not have heard of:

San Rocco

This journal is the rallying point for a contemporary sensibility that may even be a genuine movement. Also generally a good European perspective.


As the name of the journal implies, Project focuses on specific projects. It can help demystify the motivation behind some of the best recent work.


Manifest takes the contrarian approach of looking what's happening in North America. It covers topics that tend to get sidelined, and it’s very beautifully produced.

Avery Review

This is a relatively fast-paced, online journal of architectural criticism. It is centered on reviews of projects, but there's plenty of room for theoretically-inclined writing.


Log is an institution. If there were a focal point of the academic architectural scene, this would be it. Must read.

Grey Room

Another focal point, Grey Room is critical/historical/theoretical writing at its best.


This is a student-edited journal put out by the Yale school of architecture is also an old favorite. Because it is thematically-organized, there are always unusual essays.

Harvard Design Magazine

This tends towards solid, East-coast academic writing. The writing is both can be both in-depth and speculative, and it covers a wide range of design-related subject matter.

AA Files

At this point this is probably the most venerable of all architectural journals; it's beautiful and it provides a solid British perspective.


Arch+ gives another European view on what's going on in the architecture world, combining up-to-date reporting with excellent analysis.


This isn't about architecture... but it's a good place to start for cultural criticism and issues of general importance.

Most of the recommended magazines are available for public to read on the magazine shelf at Eberhard Zeidler Library which is located at the back of the library printer.

Matthew Allen is a lecturer at John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design – University of Toronto