SHIFT19/20 - Year End Update

Hey Daniels! Hope you all are doing well as we are approach the end of the exam season and the school year. Even though this COVID pandemic has affected many of us, we are glad to see how students are helping each other through social media platforms and other mediums. The one thing that this pandemic can't stop us from is our desire to create, invent and design!

We understand there are students who wanted to share their hard work that they've done over the year through shows and events but are now unable to due to cancellations. Students are more than welcome to use SHIFT as their platform to showcase their year-end works. With the power of online blogs, we encourage students to think about unique ways to represent their work that is beyond the conventional (spatial representation via google cardboard or 360 videos, exploded axonometric animation, etc.). You can check out some examples below:

VIA 57 By BIG Architects

Conjoined Media Tower by REX

Leicester Square VR by Zaha Hadid Virtual Reality Ground

You can go to our Submit Section to see how you can submit your work to us

In the meantime, we will be posting a few cool articles up on our website. Stay safe and hope to see your amazing work real soon!