By Valerie Marshall

A space which escapes the grasps of time and space and rejects the traditional constraints of urbanism, architecture, art, and landscape: Pseudo-City is birthed from an ambiguous pantomime of absences.

This project began as an exercise which required finding images online and then using Photoshop to compile them into an urban plaza of our own design. With the images I chose, I attempted to mesh together the orthogonal, the curvilinear, the futuristic, the modern, and the baroque into a dynamic multilevel plaza; I incorporated many lighting elements into the urban plaza as it was designed for both day-time and night-time use.

I was subsequently tasked with transforming my rendering of a 15m2 plaza into a model of a 100m2 plaza; the concepts I explored in the rendering became the starting point for this challenge. I continued in the vein of weaving distinct and contrasting forms and features together into an interactive multi-leveled space. It is from this that I arrived at my new precedent and re-imagination of what the city is: an indiscernible agglomeration of architecture, urbanism, nature, forms, functions, zoning, and purpose; a beaming chaos and wild pile of jest that is without any context of place or time. I did not look to existing urban planning/theory for reference, but rather, drew inspiration from vernacular architecture, topography, and ancient infrastructure. The inhabitants of Psuedo-City were created with googly eyes: when you observe the model they look back at you whilst wandering the city in contemplation.

Psuedo-City is both with, and without time. It exists as a space to revel in the ephemeral pleasures of the metropolis, and as a space which is both built in deliberate abstinence from any specific time period and presents new ideas for the classicism of the future.

Project Detail:

Material - museum board/plastic/LED lights

Area - 50cm2

Scale - 1: 200

Course - ARC321 Architecture & Representation II

From SHIFT14/15

About Valerie Marshall:

Valere Marshall studied Bachelor of Arts in Art History & Architecture Design at the University of Toronto and is currently completing her Master of Architecture at the University of Toronto. Go check out her website here to see more works by her!