One Man’s Trash: Recycled Pixels

A video work/GIF

By Ozlem Bektas & Mehreen Khan

This composition is an exploration of a low-poly game-like world with the focus on internet trash dump. Luke Pearson, in his essay Superstudio to Super Mario finds that games can produce deviant, unprecedented, and explosive ways of structuring space, in which actors in the game influence their environments. Similarly, we introduced four identical characters into our game, namely viruses, that influenced their surroundings to create an architecture.

These viruses were also a play on the trash phenomena that comes with the internet; downloading others’ trash in order to repurpose can sometimes lead to the accidental installation of malware onto the host computer and related content within it. As these viruses infect this recycled city, they construct and fabricate a structure that is dependent on the acts of ‘squashing’ and ‘stabbing’. This follows the statement: ‘There is no architecture without action, no architecture without events.’

We also took inspiration from Andrew Bailey’s essay Mountainous Junk Space. Our animation is a way of looking at digital culture as a mountain or tower of trash, a heap of creativity’s fountain, as the internet provides a landfill with everything we ever thought of in it available for us to use and re-use. This was a further integration of our second assignment on the ready-made aspect of Revit blocks, and thus these ready-made column blocks can be seen to infect the city file as well, acting as tools for the virus to follow.

Foddy defines trash as “when objects and ideas are transposed from the context in which they were originally meant to be experienced, they become a part of trash culture.” Thus, each component of this animation has been made from trash; trash has become the new medium. Further, Bailey sites Koolhaas in the reading as saying that the easy consumption of junkspace has spread around the planet like some sort of rapidly reproducing virus. We take this literally in our representation of infection as a virus.

One Man’s Trash: Recycled Pixels

Ozlem Bektas & Mehreen Khan

GIF + Drawings

ARC465 - Lazy Computing

SHIFT19/20 Submission