Gobi Installation

An Art Installation by Yuan Wang

Statement from the artist -

My work responds to the expansion of the Gobi Desert in Inner-Mongolia. In April 2015, Beijing was hit by a record breaking sandstorm. Due to deforestation within Northern China, the Gobi desert expands and causes sandstorms in nearby cities. The installation simulates a mild sandstorm within the controlled room, using a hazer, fan, stage lighting, and pigment filter. Users are giving face masks to protect them from the chemicals in the air, and are advised to stay for a duration of two minutes or less. The installation provides enough space for up to five people, allowing visitors to go in as a group.

The installation places the “natural” in an enclosed environment, which is then placed indoors as well as outside. Visitors can explore the difference between the interior environment with the exterior by performing simple tasks like checking one’s phone, or chatting with friends.

From SHIFT15/16 Submission

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